Print of the Month

    MAY: Hannah Lees

    May 1, 2016

    hannah lees

    This month we are lucky to have the lovely Hannah Lees as our Print of the Month artist, and we’re very excited to have a photograph for the first time. Hannah is a teacher and a writer as well as being a photographer – and she is also engaged to our February artist Ryan Bird! Hannah’s print “The Ghost Ship That Didn’t Carry Us” will be in our online shop for the month of May only, and is available in A4, A3 and A2 sizes.

    Hopefully you all enjoyed Hadley Donaldson’s print during April – you can check out the post about him here if you missed it but sadly his print is no longer available for purchase – these babies are truly a limited time only deal!!

    hannah lees

    Who are you and what do you do?

    Hello, I’m Hannah. I grew up on a farm on the east coast of Scotland and then moved with my family to Waiheke Island as a teenager. I’m now based in Auckland where I teach English, string words together, and take photographs.

    hannah lees

    Where and how do you work?

    I work at my desk and look out this window in our tiny flat in Grey Lynn. Since I moved to more film shooting, I don’t have to spend so much time editing at the computer – which is always a good thing! So where I work is pretty mobile and roaming. The library on Waiheke is a favourite place to work when it comes to processing images after-the-fact. I don’t use studio space or big lighting set-ups for my photographs, instead using natural light and the natural world as sources to draw from. Most of the time I create for myself and put it out there, but other times I do jobs for clients. If I have photographed something big like a wedding then I’ll have thousands of images to sort through and pages and pages of layouts to do for photo books. I am extremely perfectionistic and finicky (which is so often a hindrance in a job like teaching, but absolutely ideal for photography and book design), and I take great meditative pleasure in putting sequences of photos together for people. Since I spend so much of my teaching time writing and speaking, doing a non-verbal task like this is soothing. While editing photos I listen to music or podcasts (On Being, Dear Sugar, The New Yorker: Fiction, and Design Matters are my favourites). The how of work is not so simple. I sometimes go through bouts of impostor syndrome, convinced that any past achievements were mere flukes and agonising about what’s next. I remember reading an interview with David Bowie where he said that ageing is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person that you always should have been. So I’m putting my stocks in those words looking forward to growing more comfortable with my place in the world as the years roll on. Continue Reading

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