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March 18, 2016

Since Laura did one of these last week showing her top 5 design & lifestyle blogs, I thought I would give you guys my fave places to get fashion inspiration this week. If I’m totally honest, I visit fashion blogs a lot less than I once did – but this is mostly because many of my previous favourites no longer update. That being said, I still spend a little bit of time when I am bored or procrastinating checking these ones out – so if you are looking for a way to waste some time then give these links a go!


Minna Gilligan is a Melbourne based artist who’s blog I have been following for about the last 5 years, and she always posts excellent brightly coloured outfit shots and photos of her works in progress along with an interesting update on her life. I think one of the reasons I enjoy her website is that it kind of seems relatable, she could be someone that I went to uni with or something. Plus she is a keen op-shopper and posts great pictures of all her awesome finds. One downside is that Minna doesn’t post that regularly anymore, and often the images she posts have already been posted on her Instagram, so if you follow her on both there might be a little bit of doubling up! I do love her style though and feel quite inspired by it, since she always seems to be dressed thoughtfully & with excellent lipstick!



I have also been a reader of Calivintage for a long time, although this blog did drop off my radar a little bit for a while. Originally I liked Erin’s style because she wore a lot of 1960s mini dresses and dressed quite cute (see here and here and countless other posts!) but over the years her style has become a lot more pared back, with lots of denim and linen and neutrals. She still wears and buys a lot of second hand clothing, but now wears it in a much more modern and less costume-y way, pared with clogs and hats and worn leather bags, it’s very sun-bleached Californian cool. All of Erin’s outfits are quite wearable, you might even say practical, but with an interesting twist. She now has a small son and is quite pregnant at the moment so her outfit posts are less frequent than usual though.

top 5



Style Bubble aka Susie Lau is one of the original fashion bloggers, she has been at it since March 2006 and I have probably been reading her blog almost that long, as the start of her blog coincided with the start of my fashion degree. Her blog’s point of difference is that she is focused on the writing and doesn’t just post millions of outfit photos (although they are definitely there too and very fun to look at)! Susie has never really been afraid to critique things and she writes extremely detailed posts which really break down themes of different collections or go into depth about designer inspiration, and she is so well known now that she also does a lot of “behind the scenes” style posts which are really interesting. She is also a big supporter of up and coming designers, and wears a lot of cool & crazy outfits so often gets street style snapped during the various fashion weeks.

top 5

This series of posts – “Fabric of India” – are so amazing and great, I wholly recommend checking them out. In February 2015, Susie went to India and the result is this series of posts showing how traditional dying techniques, embroidery, and fabric block printing, there are tonnes of photos and it is all quite awe inspiring to see how much work goes in behind the scenes to make these beautiful textiles.

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I only really look at the “Closet” section of The Coveteur, and in fact when I first started reading it, it was only people and their closets, there were no other categories on the site. The Coveteur Closet’s are an in depth look at someone’s house and wardrobe, with quotes about their favourite items and why they like them – from actress Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars, to Questlove from The Roots, there is quite a variety of people interviewed. My favourites are Tavi Gevinson – who shows a pair of gold boots gifted to her from Stevie Nicks (!!) as well as a pair of gloves given to her by Winona Ryder on her 18th birthday, who was given them by Audrey Hepburn on her  18th birthday, Lisa Perry – who has an AMAZING 1960s vintage collection (including an original Campbells Soup dress as well as pieces by Paco Rabanne, Pierre Cardin, Rudi Gernreich and André Courrèges, plus has a Jeff Koons sculpture sitting on her roof, and Jenna Lyons – who shows off some cool never-put-into-production J. Crew pieces.

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Style Like U is a mostly video based fashion website run by mother and daughter team Lily and Elisa. I forgot until right as I was writing this that Style Like U also has a closet section very similar to the one above! Theirs hasn’t really been updated for a while though, and where Style Like U’s strength really lies is in their videos. They have become quite well known for their “What’s Underneath” series, where they have a guest tell their personal stories as they take their clothes off, talking about how “style is not the clothes you wear but is knowing who you are and being comfortable in your own skin”.  Here is an episode with New Zealand’s own Georgia Pratt, a model and designer.

However, my favourite series on their site is the “Second Skin” series, it hasn’t been updated since 2014 but is still relevant and I have watched all the episodes, some of them several times. The “Second Skin” series has two people who have very different philosphies on clothing and getting dressed completly swap wardrobes with each other, which is pretty humourous but also at times quite poignant as they realise things about themselves. Definitely worth a look if you have some spare time – I recommend them all but my favourite is probably either the final one, where they get two sets of twins to swap styles, or this one below with knitwear designer Lindsey Degen and Maad*Moiselle swapping outfits.

Hope you guys enjoyed this inspiration! If you have any favourites, please let us know in the comments, we would love to have a nosy at them!


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