Laura’s Top 5 Favourite Design and Lifestyle Blogs

March 6, 2016


I have been following Diana from Miss Moss for at least 5 years now. She is a graphic designer living in Cape Town, South Africa and has great taste and a real knack for finding really interesting stuff on the world wide web. She posts regularly and has been doing so since 2009 so there is a huge amount of info in the archives to procrastinate your day away with. Covering fashion, art, travel, interiors, photography and vintage your bound to find something that sparks your interest. She also has another sister site dictated to showing you the very best of Cape Town. Make sure you check out her seriously good Pinterest account which I have to sometimes ban myself from looking at.



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Full of incredibly interesting articles and discoveries, this blog has long been one of my favourites. Vanessa is the master mind behind the blog, born in London but lives in Paris, her eyes are open to everything and loves exploring.  If you are planning to visit Paris anytime soon, definitely visit her Don’t Be A Tourist section for all the not so well known things to do and places to be. Or you could check out Desirable Digs for all the weird and wonderful houses she has found from all around the world.



Another one to love, Improvised life puts in a lot of effort to supply you with interesting and inspiring content that has not just been found on another blog and referenced . On their about page they describe themselves as  “an online magazine and community, featuring ideas and tools that antidote the ordinary, from home design and cooking, to productivity and self-expression. It is designed to help you shift your thinking and see the possibilities around you.”  It is always such a pleasure to spend a few hours getting lost in here, discovering new ideas and people doing amazing things around the world. Improvised Life was founded in 2009 by Sally Schneider. She has worked as a journalist, editor, syndicated columnist, radio commentator, teacher, stylist, small-space consultant and professional chef, and once wrangled 600 live snails for an Irving Penn photograph. Her improvisational work has been the laboratory for this blog. In Sally’s words,

“Improvised Life is a virtual sourcebook for inventive living. It features ideas and tools that antidote the ordinary, from home design and cooking to productivity and self-expression: anything that requires a resourceful, problem-solving mindset. “






You may already be aware of Todd Selby’s ‘The Selby‘ as his cookbook and design book were hot ticket Christmas presents a year or so ago. Todd Selby is a photographer, director, author and illustrator. His project, The Selby, offers an insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist’s eye for detail. The Selby began in June 2008 as a website where Todd posted photo shoots he did of his friends in their homes. Requests quickly began coming in daily from viewers all over the world who wanted their homes to be featured on the site. Todd now works full time on this project. Traveling the world in search of interesting people and places. He even came to New Zealand a few years ago!

Check out this interview with Todd in his studio with HP Sprout





When my old laptop died a tragic death last year I lost all my precious, well curated book marks and I couldn’t for the life of me remember what this blog was called. All I could remember was that it started with an ‘F’. However, 6 months on and I have finally managed to find it again and I am so pleased! Freunde von Freunden (meaning Friends of Friends) is an online magazine based in Berlin, showcasing thousands of interesting people from all other the world. Similar to the Selby, but less sponsored, they aim to introduce you to real people and stories from far and wide with an honest and authentic approach. I love being able to look into the life’s, homes and studios of all these interesting people and just be a little nosy. Some of my all time favourites are Rhen Thierstein, a set designer based in London, Lauren Geremia, an interior designer based in San Fran and Genevieve Dellinger & Martha Mullholland, photographer and interior designer, from Echo Park, L.A.fvf

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  • Reply harriet March 15, 2016 at 8:10 pm

    Great picks! have you guys checked out The Reed? (formerly known as Tomboy Style)

    Also: A Piece Apart and the “Product Stories” section of their website!

    • Reply Laura March 16, 2016 at 9:44 am

      Thanks Harriet, I really like Notes From Apart. Love finding out about good blogs!

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