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December 17, 2015

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I just was not feeling any inspiration to write a post today. This week has been so very busy – as well as my regular work, and trying to organise my Christmas shopping, I’ve had my work Christmas party, my boyfriend’s family Christmas dinner, another Christmas party, my little sister’s graduation, and then coming up this weekend I have a 21st party and a big Christmas pool party to attend as well! Phew. So with that in mind, as well as the thought that everyone is near to the end of the working year and might be secretly looking for reasons to procrastinate, I thought I would use this as an opportunity to share some links of cool stuff I have found and articles I have read that struck a chord with me in the last week or so. I have tried to keep them pretty Auckland/New Zealand specific, and relevant to this little blog too, so hopefully it’s not things everyone has already read!

(Me wearing an entirely second-hand outfit, which is really the norm and not the exception in my wardrobe)

I really loved this article from Viva about 7 ways to be a conscious shopper. I have reached a point where I almost never buy anything new from a chain store, mostly due to the fact that I work at two second hand stores and just do all my shopping while I’m at work, complimented by a couple of pricier purchases which I know have been responsibly made. Obviously not everyone is in this situation though, and this article does a great job of pointing out ways to make sure the cheap and cheerful dress you’re about to buy won’t just end up languishing in the back of your wardrobe after a single wear. Top tip – Think about why you’re buying an item: Does the item you’re trying on genuinely look good and make you feel comfortable, or are you buying it just because it’s cheap or on-trend? Chances are, if you’re not happy in the changing room, you won’t be happy when you get home either”. In the same vein, Catalogue Magazine has 7 ways to make sure the clothes you’re buying will stand the test of time (funny how 7 seems to be the magical number!).

auckland eateries galleries links list

(The Gather and Hunt Here and Now map)

Auckland based directory and magazine website Gather and Hunt have relaunched their website and it now features a section called Here and Now, which is basically an interactive map that zeroes in on your location and tells you all the best places to eat, drink and visit nearby. Sadly I think it only has places in Auckland but it is so handy, even looking at it right now on my desktop computer showed me a new cafe I have never noticed before thats only 500m from my house! You can also look at it on a mobile phone, just make sure to click the little ^ on the key to make the map take up the whole screen. There is also a Christmas version, the Auckland Christmas Trail, which has cute little illustrations and would be perfect to use for a festive date night.

chanel copy links list scottish isles

(Mati Ventrillon Fair Isle knitted jumper via the Business of Fashion article)

I studied knitwear and textiles at uni, and would love to visit the Scottish Isles to see traditional knitting designs and studios, so this article from the Business of Fashion about Mati Ventrillon, the tiny Fair Isle knitwear label that called out mega-fashion house Chanel for copying them was super-interesting to read.  Each jumper is bespoke and takes about a month to complete, and I love that the wool they are made from comes from her own sheep!

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(image of Felicity in her Wellington studio by Tim and Nadine Kelly Photography via Fancy)

Fancy – the New Zealand Design Blog, featured my friend Felicity and her ceramics brand Wundaire this week, and the post is filled with tonnes of pictures of her awesome new studio in Wellington as well as some cool behind the scenes process photos of the excellent planters and mugs she makes. If you are in Auckland you can go to Ceremony in Grafton to drink out of her mugs, or Major Sprout on Graham St to eat off her plates, and you can also head along to Tur on K Road to shop for bits and pieces. Fun fact – Felicity’s excellent logo was designed by her brother Hadley who used to be both mine and Laura’s flatmate when we lived in St Kevin’s Arcade.

auckland city 1908 map historical links list

(Part of an interactive historical map of Auckland from the Auckland Council archives. You can click on each of the blue pins and see the name and occupations of the people who were living there in the 1908 census, pretty interesting!)

Although it’s a couple years old, this Herald article on the history of Auckland street names was pretty enjoyable, because if you know the central city and Ponsonby well, it’s easy to visualise exactly where the author is talking about. A friend of mine lives on Dedwood Terrace, and it’s pretty neat to think that the whole of Ponsonby used to be called Dedwood, it makes it seem much more ominous and mysterious than usual.

Hope that gives you guys enough to click on and distract yourself with! Let us know if you liked it and maybe it will become a regular feature next year! On that note, here is a silly Christmas Doug the Pug/ Mean Girls video to end! Merry Christmas. 

The best scene from Mean Girls

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