Queenstown Trip – Home Inspiration from The Sherwood

October 29, 2015

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I just got home from a little holiday in Queenstown with my boyfriend Matt & thought I would share some home inspiration with you guys, taken from the hotel we stayed at – The Sherwood. Built in 1985 as a chalet style motel, it was bought and updated last year – but instead of gutting everything and redoing it, their objective was to reduce the unnecessary waste that can result from a large scale renovation and use their common sense to replace things with functional materials. For example, a whole wall of our room was like a giant corkboard which looked really cool, and it turned out was also carbon negative insulation helping to keep it cosy in there!

the sherwood hotel curtains industrial diy review

One detail we really liked was the curtains – so much so that Matt is trying to convince me to make some for our bedroom. They were surprisingly hard to get a good photo of without it being extremely dark, so the one on the left is from their website and not our room itself. Made from recycled woolen ex-military blankets with a thermal backing, the curtains were thick and heavy and blocked out light and sound really well – our room was a lakeside room but since the lake was down a small hill and across the road, it also made us quite close to the busy traffic. However with the drapes closed we could hardly hear it which was pretty amazing. These would be pretty easy to DIY for home, here is a tutorial by Valeries Sewing Blog, and you can buy the eyelet tape at Spotlight as well as the thermal lining. The hardest part is finding the right blankets to use – Trade Me has some, and you can often find vintage NZ wool blankets at op shops, but finding multiples of them, big enough to use, in colours you like could prove a bit tricky. (Edit – Matt just told me you can buy the military blankets at the army surplus store which makes total sense… so finding bits for this project just got a lot easier!)

queenstown hotel review diy inspiration pegboard giant

They kept bits of the old fit-outs (some of the bathrooms still have pastel pink vanities from the original motel – sadly not ours!) and created low cost but beautiful fittings themselves. The extra large pin board style kitchen wall (above) which holds plates and cups was a great idea, and wouldn’t be too hard to re-create at home for a functional shelving display wall, as large or small as you want it to be. Here is a tutorial from The Merry Thought which is basically the same, just using dowel instead of metal piping for the pegs!

the sherwood queenstown hotel review poster magnart diy

The room also had a cool poster hanging in it & after a bit of investigation (I am very nosy and curious about how things work!) I saw it was hanging on the wall using a system called Magnart. These were super high powered magnets which look pretty cool poking out of the poster, and behind the poster, stuck to the wall with removable adhesive are corresponding metal tabs. This would be super great in a house or office, for example if you wanted to change your artwork every so often, of if you were renting & couldn’t drill into the walls, or if you used it to hang a rotating gallery of children’s pictures, or even to hang a beautiful calendar! You can buy them online from Takapuna Art Supplies although if you want to buy more than a couple packs, it’s probably cheaper to buy them from the actual website.

Overall, I would highly recommend staying at The Sherwood, and Queenstown in general. Such a beautiful place and since we managed to get cheap Jetstar flights, the whole holiday didn’t cost too much even though we ate out for all meals (um there is so so so much delicious food in Queenstown!) and did lots of touristy activities (if we had gone to Sydney or Melbourne, the flights would have cost about 3x the price). Stay tuned next week to see all the bargains I bought down there!

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