Queenstown Trip – Op Shopping on Holiday

November 5, 2015

map salvation army hospice walk in wardrobe

A week & a half ago, I went to Queenstown with my boyfriend Matt and wrote a little post about the hotel we stayed in, so this week I thought I would tell you about the op-shopping down that way! I know most people wouldn’t arrive in a new place and immediately go second hand shopping, but I love a good bargain and being on holiday wasn’t going to stop me, although having only carry on baggage did put a limit on what I could bring home with me.  Also, I just bought a copy of Collectors Anonymous, a guide to New Zealand’s second hand stores, and wanted to see how useful it was when I was somewhere that I had never been before – turns out it was pretty helpful to get us started although was missing a couple of the stores we found. I think it’s sold out now but there will be an updated version early next year. (PS – click on the map picture above & it take you to the actual map to use.)

adidas superstars jumping picture army coat second hand

We arrived at 9am but couldn’t check in to the Sherwood until after 2 so after fuelling up on coffee at Vudu, we went for a wander up to the Salvation Army on Shotover Street, which is really close to the pier area and the main town centre. This store seems a little pricey but it has lots of great stuff, I would guess that the cream of the donations gets sent there from the bigger store as its right in town and probably gets the most foot traffic. I bought a pair of adidas superstars for $20, and Matt found a vintage army parka with removable furry lining for $34, which is perfect for this in-between season weather and he hasn’t really taken off since he got it (in the picture above he is wearing it at the top of the hill above the luge)!

funkis clogs second hand shopping navy white dress

After that we hit up the Salvation Army on Gorge Street, which is a couple blocks further away, kind of on the outskirts of town. This was a big warehouse type store which also had furniture and homewares, it was a lot cheaper than the one on Shotover Street but also had a lot more basic and less exciting items so leave time to do a bit of searching if you head there. Matt didn’t find anything here but I got a leather belt for $2, a light summer dress for $7 and my exact dream pair of clogs by Australian brand Funkis which I have been debating buying at full price for the last year! Unfortunately this pair is a little beat up, and actually I would probably have bought the size up if buying them new, but they were only $6 and I’ve already worn them three times, plus the red colour is no longer available new anyway!

Across the road from that Salvation Army, there is also a Hospice Shop. It seems pretty new (wasn’t in Collectors Anonymous) and covers two stores next to each other as well as an upstairs area, and the prices were pretty good. By this time though, we were conscious of how quickly we were filling up any luggage space we had and so didn’t buy anything except for a packet of printer transfer paper to potentially make some diy band shirts for Dad Jokes! It was only $4, and having looked at doing it previously, we knew it would have been $30 or so new so it seemed like a good deal!

We also visited a third Salvation Army, back in the middle of town on Camp Street which was actually just in the front part of the Salvation Army HQ – this one isn’t in the Collectors Anonymous book either. It was pretty tiny and crammed, much harder to look through than any off the others & nothing immediately caught our attention so we didn’t buy anything or stay long at all, but since it’s right next to KFC in the centre of the town (we walked past it at least 8 times in our trip), it would be worth popping in just in case something great is hiding.

The last second hand store we went to was The Walk In Wardrobe, which buys good quality second hand clothing off customers – there seemed to be lots of gems hidden in there (I’m guessing from tourists heading home with no luggage room!) but by this point we were both tiring and so didn’t try on or buy anything.


We drove to Wanaka on our last day and intended to check out the second hand stores there – apparently there is a shop at the dump which is very good (and also a great idea – why don’t all dumps have shops attached to them??) but sadly we spent too long in the illusion rooms (I knew I was shorter than Matt but not that much shorter!!) and doing the maze at Puzzling World so we ran out of time! I guess we will just have to go back…


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